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The Tualatin Valley


Washington County Land Acknowledgment
(as prepared by representatives of Confederate Tribes of Grand Ronde, Nez Perce, Siletz, and

We want to acknowledge the people on whose land we live—the Atfalati-Kalapuyans also known
as the Tualatin Band of Kalapuyans—the first inhabitants of Washington County. We are grateful
for the land we are on, Kalapuyan land.

Signers of the Willamette Valley Treaty of 1855 were removed from their homelands to the
Grand Ronde Indian Reservation. Today their descendants are tribal members of Grand Ronde
and Siletz tribes, carrying on the traditions and cultures of their ancestors.

We acknowledge and express gratitude for the ancestors of this place and recognize that we are
here because of the sacrifices forced upon them. In remembering these communities, we honor
their legacy, their lives, and their continuation in our community. Please reflect on the role
government has played in the painful, colonial history and reflect as well on the resilience and
healing of the Indigenous land and communities.

We would like to invite everyone to collaborate and work together with the tribes to take care of
the land and water and the people who inhabit these spaces

The Tualatin Valley Water District covers over 40 square miles of Washington county and parts of Multnomah county.  It serves over 200,000 customers in the region. This includes the communities of Aloha, Bethany, Cedar Hills, Cedar Mills, Cooper Mountain, Garden Home, Metzger, Rock Creek, West Haven, and parts of Beaverton, Hillsboro, and Tigard.

Where does TVWD Water Come From?


Source 1

TVWD gets some of your water from the Joint Water Commission (TVWD, Hillsboro, Beaverton, & Forest Grove)These are surface water sources. That means it comes from rivers and reservoirs. The upper Tualatin River is where some of the water comes from. Ever been to Hagg Lake? That's Scoggins reservoir. Barney reservoir is the other reservoir in the system.

Source 2

Another source TVWD gets some of your water from is the Portland Water Bureau. Water travels from Bull Run to homes in Washington County.

Source 3 (Soon to be finished)

A new water source will soon be finished and will come online in 2026. This is the Willamette Water Supply. It will offer a reliable year-round water source for TVWD customers.

Tualatin Valley Water District

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