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VOTE by MAY 16th 2023 8pm

Carl Fisher

for Tualatin Valley Water Commissioner #2
Community - Experience - Resiliency
"Our water is safe and reliable. I'm running to make sure it stays that way. Water is the last publicly owned and managed utility. That's what sets it apart from other utilities. Our community must be sure our water system is resilient enough to respond to natural disasters and remain affordable for those struggling during times of economic upheaval." 



No matter your income you deserve access to water.  The recent COVID-19 Pandemic showed us how important access to water was in our daily lives. While many members of the community have been able to rebound since the start of the pandemic, there are many whose lives have not been able to rebound as quickly and are still in need of assistance. I am committed to working with the TVWD Rate Advisory Committee at coming up with creative solutions to make sure those in need have access to water.


Seeing the completion of the Willamette Water Supply System will add more resiliency to our community. We know one day a Cascadia-level earthquake will happen. At that time, our water system may be down for days or even weeks. Our ability to reconnect the system will be critical. Investments made with our surrounding communities in our state-of-the-art water system with the latest seismic safety standards will help us recover faster. I am committed to continuing investments in the resiliency of our community's infrastructure.


While we want everyone to use the water that they need, we must remember our water is a community resource and we all have to be conservationists. We must join our community partners and other local governments in sharing conservation best practices and better educating the public on how to participate locally. Our forests, farms, and sewers are all interconnected to our water systems. When forests are hurting our watersheds are impacted.

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